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When it’s time to sell a house, many homeowners start thinking about sprucing up the place or doing some renovations to get the most out of the sale. While renovations are a good idea, some are more important than others. 

Kitchen and bathroom renovations help a homeowner recoup the investment more than something like putting in new sod or replacing the home’s siding. Some renovations are fairly simple, inexpensive, and are worth doing. Over time, the walls and baseboards in a home can look dull and have marks where the paint has been dinged. An instant renovation that can make the home look up to date and fresh is to paint the rooms in your house that need it. If you have an accent wall in an extremely bold color, you might want to paint anyway, because most potential buyers prefer neutral paints. It helps them be able to imagine themselves living there. The kitchen is one room where you’ll really find that making renovations are worth it. If you have old appliances, you’ll want to update them. If you have a faded looking backsplash, you’ll want to replace it. If it’s not as modern as the ones in newer homes, you’ll want to replace it because an older backsplash detracts from a kitchen’s appeal. Things like new tile look fresh and really spruce up a kitchen. 

Potential buyers also check out the countertops in the kitchen. The most popular of all materials used on countertops is granite. It’s long lasting and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. If you have old countertops – especially if your home is dated – and you have those old Formica ones, you’ll want to replace them. That doesn’t mean that you have to tear out the cabinets. You don’t want to do that – especially if they’re good ones. You can get granite countertops from a home improvement store and just have it professionally cut and fitted. It’s a lot less expensive than you might think. If your cabinets are in good shape, then you can just spruce them up with some paint or new hardware. In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is a strong selling point in a house. One that has a stained tub or an outdated vanity doesn’t have much appeal. This is one renovation that will help you sell your home. Put in a new vanity if it needs it and either refinish a stained tub or put in a surround. 

Make sure that you renovate your yard, too. You want plenty of curb appeal so that your home makes a good first impression. This is a renovation that doesn’t have to cost much. You can place some new mulch around trees and shrubs and add colorful flowers in planters on the porch.