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The idea of real estate and property is much more than just finding a home.  There are categories of homes and business properties as well as divisions in the types of real estate that are available to others.  If you want to make a different type of investment in something that you know you can make a profit out of, then knowing the different types of real estate investments can help.  

Real estate investments begin with two major types; business and residential.  Each of these has specific guidelines set with them which will make a difference in the functions of the real estate.  After you have determined what type of real estate you will be looking at, you can divide up what is available to you.  

If you are looking at pure residential areas, then the real estate will be divided by the size of the home.  Typically, this will be known as a single family or multi-family home.  If you are looking at a multi-family unit, you can expect to have neighbors sharing the same wall as you, such as condos or townhomes.  A single family home will be completely independent and will usually be shaped differently because the neighbors can’t cross the yard.  

Business real estate is also divided into several categories.  These will also often be referred to as commercial properties, and will range from office buildings to manufacturing sites.  The difference between a business building and a residential building is that it will change the approach towards regulations.  Most likely, there will be zoning rules and the lease will have different divisions for things such as taxes and insurance.  

If you are in the right area, you might have the opportunity to have both a commercial and residential area in one.  Things such as land investments or areas that have been zoned for commercial purposes may have these types of regulations.  With this, you can also consider renting a property.  If you want to have a business from home or want to expand into a business, this might be something to consider.    

The investment that you decide to make can be more than your home.  It can also be something that will bring you back profit for the investment.  If you are interested in finding a space that is much more than cozy, then knowing the different types of real estate to invest in is the place to begin.